Ashley Murray Co

Name: Ashley Murray
Position: Owner, Graphic Designer
Location: Cobbitty, NSW, Australia

Ashley Murray Co assists clients with building a visual identity aligned with their purpose through providing design services.

What products/services do you offer?

I design all types of collateral from logos to email newsletters, podcast artwork, Instagram stories and websites.

Why did you start your business and how long have you been running it?

I have been a graphic designer for 10 years, but really love the spiritual and wellness industries. I noticed that a lot of businesses in this space are start ups run by women who are doing it on the side of their full time job, whilst raising children or at university – so they are extremely price conscious. I wanted to help them by offering them a quality service but not at the high cost that a large design studio would offer, hence how Ashley Murray Co was born! I have been running my business for a year now.

What struggles do you think most businesses face in your industry and what would you say they need to do to overcome them?

I think a lot of graphic designers deal with trying to please their client whilst also wanting to incorporate what they know to be best practice in terms of marketing and branding. We want our clients to love their logo and fit their vision, but we also want it to be functional and timeless so that they receive a worthwhile return on their investment. This is often hard to do!

What has been your greatest accomplishment?

Managing to run my business whilst working full time and also studying!

What has been your biggest ‘fail’ so far?

I feel I am often a bit too trusting of clients and won’t ask for payment until the job is complete, so some have sadly taken advantage of this and haven’t paid me for my services. But you live and you learn.

What do you love most about your business?

Helping to bring someone’s vision for their branding to life. From seeing their initial moodboards, colour ideas and descriptors to the end design, it is a beautiful journey!

What do you find most challenging?

As I mentioned before, ensuring my client loves their design but also making it functional and timeless. Often as a designer, I can be a bit of a realist and rein people back in a little. But, from experience, simplicity is key to produce a clear and concise message to your target audience.

How do you promote your business (please include as many details as you can)?

Word of mouth, Facebook reviews and Instagram. At the moment, my promotion is all organic and I don’t do any paid advertising.

What business skills do you have (eg. graphic design, customer service)?

Graphic design and marketing

What software did you/your designer use to create your website (eg. WordPress, Wix)?

I used Squarespace

What are some of your favourite business tools and apps?

The Adobe Suite for sure, G suite

What do you like about your website and what’s not working for you?

I like its simplicity, it could definitely do with an update with my newest projects, but otherwise I am happy with it!

What key tips for success in business would you like to share with others?

Find your niche and your unique selling point, then drive this home. Your brand’s message is your most important asset.

What is the one thing that you want everyone to take away from this post?

Investing in building your brand is extremely important to help you look professional and allow your audience to easily understand your offering.

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