Evolve Consultancy Group

Name: Emma Fisher
Position: Founder
Website: www.evolveconsultancygroup.com
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

Evolve Consultancy Group helps entrepreneurs set their businesses up for success by providing financial advice in a relaxed environment. Emma advises on how to structure and run the business day to day, alleviating fears and making sense of the noise.

What products/services do you offer?

Bespoke financial advice on an ongoing or ad hoc basis depending on the needs of the client. This includes an action plan for the owner after the initial session.

We also run events in Sydney that cater for business owners in the early stages. It’s a working session where everyone brings a laptop and comes prepared to learn more about the financial and operational day to day running of the business. It also provides an opportunity to network with other owners and ask questions in a positive group setting.

Why did you start your business and how long have you been running it?

I started the business because I found that Finance and Accounting can be such taboo subjects for early stage owners. Having skills and knowledge in this area I thought creating a company that alleviates these barriers by having a relaxed chat about these problem areas over a coffee would be the best way to help business owners be successful. I’ve only been running the business for a few weeks now, so very early stages.

What struggles do you think most businesses face in your industry and what would you say they need to do to overcome them?

I don’t have one specific industry but there is an emergence in the creative spaces, and I am seeing struggles around planning and structure in newly emerging businesses. I would say outsource or seek guidance in these areas so you can use your energy for the things you are amazing at!

What do you love most about your business?

It provides an opportunity for me to understand what motivates and drives the owner and offer them real solutions to the problems they are facing.

What do you find most challenging?

Trying to fit it all in with my day job!

How do you promote your business (please include as many details as you can)?

I have partnered with some local groups who are on facebook and I have a website. I haven’t delved much outside word of mouth at this stage.

What business skills do you have (eg. graphic design, customer service)?

Chartered Accountant

What software did you/your designer use to create your website (eg. WordPress, Wix)?

Go Daddy

What are some of your favourite business tools and apps?

Expensify and Xero

What do you like about your website and what’s not working for you?

I like the simplicity of setting it up and changing it.

What lessons have you learnt during your time as an entrepreneur?

Too early to tell!

What is the one thing that you want everyone to take away from this post?

Please don’t be afraid to get expert advice in areas of your business that may be weak, it might just be the one thing that sets you apart from the competition.

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