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Name: Marlene Schmidt
Position: Owner
Location: Hervey Bay, Qld Australia

I want to live in a world where financial stress and overwhelm is the exception, rather than the rule.

I help my clients:

  • take full responsibility for their financial success
  • set-up smart money management systems giving them the power to take charge of their destiny
  • feel compelled to take action, stay the course, overcome setbacks and make conscious choices every day to move closer to their goals.

I particularly love working with women in business helping them to systemise their personal and business finances and manage the peaks and troughs in business revenue and cash flow. I support these women to reduce the time they spend on operational activities, enabling them to focus on their business vision and strategy.

What products/services do you offer?

I take a holistic view when it comes to money management so I offer a range of 1:1 coaching packages supporting my clients in mastering both their personal and business finances (including Profit First). In addition, I offer single sessions focusing on specific problems such as “I don’t know where to start!” and debt reduction.

Why did you start your business and how long have you been running it?

In 2014 I became disillusioned with my corporate career in human resources and took time out to assess how I could make a positive difference in the world doing work that I love.

With over 20 years’ experience in managing my own finances successfully using spending plans (a smarter system of budgeting that actually works!), I decided to start my business in 2016 to give others the knowledge and skills with money that we weren’t taught at school.

With over 60% of Australians currently living pay to pay, frustrated, and suffering relationship issues (even though many of them earn a good income), I know that there is a growing need for financial education and impartial advice. I’m passionate about doing all I can to improve the lives of others through my services.

What struggles do you think most businesses face in your industry and what would you say they need to do to overcome them?

I work solely in the online space and it can be a lonely journey and difficult to reach those who need my help. I have learned that showing up consistently and giving value for free pays off over time.

My tips are to surround yourself with other women in business who “get it” and you, work on your mindset every day and engage a business coach to guide and challenge you.

What has been your greatest accomplishment?

Starting a business in my late fifties with zero experience online. It’s been a huge learning curve but well worth it!

What has been your biggest ‘fail’ so far?

Flawed thinking that by building a website and a presence on Facebook the sales would happen. Not really a failure but a big lesson.

What do you love most about your business?

My greatest reward is witnessing the transformation in my clients as we work through their challenges and celebrate their successes together. I also love the flexibility of being able to choose when and where I work.

What do you find most challenging?

My biggest challenge is moving people past the fear and embarrassment about their financial situation that stops them from getting the help they need.

I want people to understand that:

  • it’s normal to have money issues
  • everyone has money limitations and challenges
  • their money woes are not their fault
  • there’s no shame in asking for help
  • unbiased, non-judgmental support is available.

How do you promote your business (please include as many details as you can)?

You can connect with me on my Facebook page where I regularly post tips and inspiration on all things money or visit my website and blog.

I’m always looking for opportunities for guest appearances on podcasts and feature articles in publications.

What business skills do you have (eg. graphic design, customer service)?

Goal setting, personal finance management, business cash flow management, coaching, teaching.

What business skills would you like to improve on?

I’m working on getting past my blocks around visibility and showing up on video.

What software did you/your designer use to create your website (eg. WordPress, Wix)?


What are some of your favourite business tools and apps?

Zoom, Acuity, Asana and of the course the Spending Planner software.

What do you like about your website?

I love everything about my website!

What would you like to improve on your website?

Nothing…I’m very happy with it. It’s easy to navigate and perfectly portrays my brand and values.

What lessons have you learnt during your time as an entrepreneur?

Growing a profitable business takes courage, time and persistence. There are no overnight successes!

What key tips for success in business would you like to share with others?

  1. Design your business around your life – don’t be a slave to it.
  2. Be a good boss to yourself.
  3. Keep your personal and business finances separate.
  4. Learn to love your business numbers – cash flow is the lifeblood of business.

What is the one thing that you want everyone to take away from this post?

Take good care of your money and it will take care of you.

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