The Cleaning Co Sydney

Name: Fiona Bennie
Position: Owner
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

The Cleaning Co Sydney offers extremely detailed cleans to their clients and have built have a reputation for offering an extremely high level of customer service. Their clients have very high expectations of their services and after every clean they contact the client to see how everything went.

What products/services do you offer?

Full Detailed Residential Cleaning, Spring Cleans, End of Lease Cleans, Post Construction Cleaning, Speed Cleans, Carpet Steam Cleaning.

Why did you start your business and how long have you been running it?

I became a single mum last year and had to find a way to support my kids.

In addition to my full time job at Sydney University I decided to try to set up my own business. I didn’t have very high expectations of its success but to my surprise after being up and running for only 6 months, I have 172 regular clients, we are the preferred cleaning agency for nine Sydney Real Estate Agencies. We now have a wait list of over 20 people. I have employed 12 full time staff to take care of all the jobs we have.

What struggles do you think most businesses face in your industry and what would you say they need to do to overcome them?

The biggest struggle in this industry is definitely handling the expectations of each individual client, being consistent at each and every clean and owning your mistakes. No matter how big or small, if any customer is unhappy with any aspect of the clean or our service, we go back and fix the issue immediately (or at the time the client requests)

What has been your greatest accomplishment?

Having a waitlist of clients and constantly being recommended in local Facebook groups and also our 72 positive reviews that has given us a 5 star customer satisfaction rating.

What has been your biggest ‘fail’ so far?

I employed some cleaners early on in my business, who when I ended their employment with the Cleaning Co, decided to publish lies and disgruntled comments all over Facebook. I thought it would be the end of my business, but in fact it increased our popularity, as local business owners reached out to me saying they too had experienced the same thing.

What do you love most about your business?

I love all of it, I’m actually excited every day to work on new ideas to help the business grow!

What do you find most challenging?

Scheduling! Double booking!

How do you promote your business (please include as many details as you can)?

We totally promote via Facebook and Facebook groups and Instagram. I check in with all the local Facebook pages to see when their business nights are, pop the days and times in my calendar and make sure I have a new ad ready to go each time.

What business skills do you have (eg. graphic design, customer service)?

I work full time as a sports and Events Manager with a background in Marketing

What software did you/your designer use to create your website (eg. WordPress, Wix)?

I literally designed it all myself through Crazy Domains. Its not perfect, but it does the job.

What are some of your favourite business tools and apps?

I have just found a new scheduling app called Team Up and it is my lifesaver!

What do you like about your website and what’s not working for you?

My website is very simple and has all the information that clients need so it minimises confusion and endless back and forward chat for the information clients are after.

What lessons have you learnt during your time as an entrepreneur?

Every day is a new day.

What key tips for success in business would you like to share with others?

Just do it!

What is the one thing that you want everyone to take away from this post?

Anyone can set up a successful small business if you have support and the dream to make it work.

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